Day 1: Inspiration – To Read or Not to Read

Like every other person it seems, I have been tempted by the lure of social media. Whether for acceptance, or attention, or entertainment, it seems just about everyone and everything is on Facebook. And why not? Infinite groups guarantee you will find SOMEONE you have SOMETHING in common with, pretty photos and buttons, and news about your friends, acquaintances, and family without having to actually talk to them.

And I’m not against Facebook or social media at all! It can be a great tool to bridge relationships over great distance, connect you with new people, and foster grassroots movements that can change hearts, minds, and sometimes laws. It can also be pretty annoying. Everyone has that one friend that posts about EVERYHING they do, from “good morning, world!” to “going to bed!” is a nonstop play-by-play of Jane Doe’s life. Or there’s the Facebook-vangelist: a passionate writer who always seems to have something to say about everything. Those walls of text can get pretty tedious to filter through sometimes, and everyone isn’t always looking to be rallied for the latest cause.

In case you are wondering, I made this to post somewhere outside of facebook. I don’t want everything I put on here to be shoved under the noses of my entire friend list. I suppose it’s a diary of sorts. My plan is to post here the mundane details of my life that lack the entertainment value for facebook, to keep a running commentary on my life that I can look back and laugh about, and a place to put my rants and lectures that I just can’t keep in my head or heart any longer.

I don’t expect anyone to read this. With all of the information and entertainment available on the internet there must be some cat video that is much more interesting than my life and thoughts. And, with the ever-increasing size and breadth of the internet, this forum is actually more anonymous than any written record could ever be.

In case you do decide to tag along for the ride, thank you (i guess), and enjoy!

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